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Super Blue Full Moon

The Blue moon only comes every so often, when a second full moon comes in one month period or when there is a 3rd full moon in one season.

On average, a blue moon occurs once every 33 months or full moons, 41 times per century, or about seven times every 19 years. An even rarer event is when two blue moons happen in the same calendar year, which happens about four times per century.

The next Blue Moon occurs on August 30th, 2023, reaching its peak illumination at 9:36 p.m. EST. This Calendrical Blue Moon will also be a supermoon!

The full moon energy is like a culmination or a peak in energy. Knowing this you can work with intense energy and use it to your advantage. With many people all over the world also working with this energy, the collective is also a potent resource for energy around full moons as well.

As an energy consultant I suggest using the environment created by the full moons to take a deeper look at anything you’ve been wanting to work through deeper.

The full moon is a good time to release in the safety of the light of the moon. Releasing anything that has been holding you back from your fullest potential. People, places and things are not meant to be permanent, and the light of the moon can help aid us while we are releasing things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

While you are releasing at any time for any reason it is important to remember to re-fill those newly vacated spaces. Do not leave yourself susceptible to old energy coming back into those cleared out spaces.

It is important to intentionally fill those newly vacated spaces with intent filled ideas. This is a potent form of manifestation and using the full moon and the collective as support.

Today is a special SUPER blue moon, and whatever you believe is up to you. It is my opinion that the Super Blue Moon not only energetically affects us through our biology physically but also our emotional bodies as well.

This Super Blue Moon is a safe space to make a big leap of change, and its up to you what changes.

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