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To clarify the energy of “The Fool”

To clarify the energy of “The Fool”

“The Fool” card in the Original Tarot represents the beginning of a journey. With the new journey comes new energy. There is possibility, potential and a wild nature to get things started. The enthusiasm for spontaneity supports this part of the journey ahead. Within the journey of The FOOL we find space to “let things come up” organically and in due time.

Sometimes The Fool can be seen in a negative way, many prefer to call this the “shadow Aspect”. Every architect has a Light attribute and a shadow attribute. The shadow contains a mocking towards the lack of purpose. If the Fool does not find purpose in expression, purpose in experiences, purpose in the nowness of reality it loses its spark, its true essence.

When we take a moment to honor the energy of “The Fool” we tap into the limitless potential of our very own -Inner Fool-. A version of ourselves that leaps towards opportunities that feed our need for exploration without judgment. A version of ourselves that is in a state of birth. A version of ourselves that is open to new experiences.

Let go of the heaviness that comes with expectations. Be open to experiencing and trust that you're in a safe space to explore and follow your instincts.

The Fool is represented by the Number 0 in numerology, and to many is experienced as a state of rebirth. But rebirth only comes after death, the death of things that no longer serve our highest and most organic goodness of self.

Self Love, Self Trust and Empowerment is the full embodiment of The Fool, and with those tools you are free to move forward in a safe and supported way.

-Cierra Breeze, 2023


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