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Please fill this out if you are shopping A LIVE or a Listing.
You only need to fill out once...ever unless your address changes.
1.Do Not claim if you can not pay in 24 hours, this is our small business, be cool and be a good friend.

2. All listings will be added to the website HERE or under Private LISTINGS in the menu. After 24 hours we cancel your order. 3 canceled orders will get you blocked.

3. If you need to cancel for any reason for circumstances and don't want to be marked as a ghosted & blocked please use the contact form By CLICKING HERE tor text us +1 (951) 330-7299 always let us know ASAP PLEASE.

4. No returns or refunds for any reasons, please see policies for more details. 
Must Be 18 Years or older to purchase. 

Thanks for submitting!

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